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Pick the correct one(s) Bank Master data are stored centrally in the bank directory If a customer is also a vendor,or vice versa, the payment and dunning program can be cleared against each other Alterate payer or payee information entered at the client level of the master data takes priority over data at entered at the company code level There are no fields in a financial accounting document that influence the automatic payment program.
Which of the following steps are parts of the process of configuring the payment program All company codes payment method per country house banks print checks.
Which of the following specifies the accounts and documents that need to be included in payment run parameter payment proposal variables payment programs.
All the company codes in the payment run parameters must be in the same country T F.
Which of the following are possible reason that an invoice has not been paid Invoice has debit balance invalid house bank discount expired payment amount is less than minimum amount specified for a payment.
You can display the exception list after the payment proposal t f.
activities during a payment run system assigns check numbers to the payment document system makes postings to g/l and sub ledger system clears open items system supplies print program with necessary data.
Pick the correct one(s) In the payment medium work bench,system creates payment advice notes using program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM We can convert a payment method individually to PMW payment format Granularity is specified in the definition of the payment medium format and determines how payment media is output seperatley in payment groups.
List the four steps the dunning program has to take to perform dunning procedure(use comma).
Pick the wrong one(s) Customers who do not have a dunning procedures in the master record are dunned using a default dunning procedures It is possible to dun vendors and customers Run date is always the date when you are supposed to start a dunning run Parameters specifiy accounts and documents included in dunning run Every dunning procedures must have aleast four dunning levels Payment terms of credit memo usually do not apply for dunning procedure.
Pick the correct one(s) System only duns an account if all the overdue items have exceeded the minimum days in arrears Dunning run updates the dunning data in the dunning items and accounts System only sends a notice if the dunning data changed since last run or always run is selected After you create dunning proposal, any changes to the dunning data is considered in the current dunning run You can edit,delete and recreate dunning proposal as often as you need to.
tick the Correct one(s) After completion of dunning run, you can print out the dunning notices immediately Every outgoing invoices the system duns the overdue,but the system does not dun all the overdue outgoing invoices You can prevent certain items from exceeding a certain level by assigning dunning keys using parameters we can specify which document and accounts are considered for dunning run.
which of the following fields do you use to maintain data in the customer and vendor master records fields for dunning Dunning clerk Dunning area Legal dunning currency.
Which of the following setting are part of dunning program configuration Dunning levels Expenses or charges Minimum amounts bank selection.
You can define dunning charges for each currency.dunning charges depend on dunning level T F.
Which of the following settings apply to miminum amounts Reaching a certain dunning level Minimum amount of interest Dunning block Minimum text.
Pick the wrong one(s) Maximum dunning level that system can assign is 11 List of vendor balances in local currency support the dunning clerks work.
pick the correct one(s) Payment notices are a type of correspondence with the customer Correspondence can be created online when you manually process payment or from the line item display for example RFKORD40,RFKARD40_PDF are the print program used for individual correspondence.
In new general Ledger accounting, which of the following solutions is available for parallel accounting Accounts approach and ledger approach account approach only ledger approach only.
Pick the correct one(s) Independent of the approach used in sap,you must decide whether to enter complete or delta documents A company that decides to use the accounts approach will use one g/l account to report the differences If more than one p&l statement type exists, the p&l statement type can only be maintained in the g/l account master record Provisions are relevant for paralled accounting because,in different accountin principles the amount of provision can be different.
While setting uo the accounts approach for provisions,the field status group changes the consolidation type for the provisions balance sheet account to optional required suppressed display.
Pick the wrong one(s) When using financial accounting with one accounting principle,all FI documents are posted in one general ledger To set-up the ledger approach,you need to define a non- leading ledger and assign the non- leading ledger to company codes. When you create a ledger, you also need to create a ledger group in sap manually.
Which of the following are month-end closing activities for external purposes Perfom foreign currency valuation Create external and internal reports post goods issued for deliveries to customers close the old period.
The managerial closing activities include locking the old accounting period T F.
The SAP application provide a standard report RFBILA00 for creating financial statements T F.
Customer using classic general ledger accounting can use RFBILA00 to create a financial statment at which orgainsation levels Client level business area level company code level sgement level.
Fiancial statment versions consist of maximum of 10 hierarchy levels t f.
You can profuce different output from a standard report RFBILA00 progam by specifying different financial statement versions T F.
The sample financial statement versions delivered with the standard system can be modified to create user versions T F.
You can write up to six lines of text at the beginning and end of a financial statement T F.
A drill down list always show all the key figures and character combnation for a single combination of drill down characteristic values T F.
Which of the following are the characteristics included in general ledger drill down reports Total debit balances company code business area segment.
Characteristics and key figures from the basis of the drill down report T F.
During balance confirmation, an output check and error list are generatedT T F.
You must specify atleast two addresses to which balance confirmations are to be sent T F.
Which of the following procedures are available to check the balances of receivables and payables in balance confirmations Balance confirmation Balance notifications balance adjustment Balance request.
You carry out foreign currency valuation after creating financial statments T F.
In a valuation method,which of tthe following are not valuation approach for foreign currency Lowest value principle Strict lowest value principle Revalue only high rate of interest principle.
The valuation method contaims the valiation approach to be used to carry out foreign currency valuation T F.
You do not have to assign an accounting principle to an FI Valuation area to post foreign currency valuations to different ledgers T F.
How many intervals are defined for thr foreign currency valuation run ID per client 1 2 0 N.
The system posts the realisation exchange difference in foreign currency during open item clearing T F.
After you have executed an update run of FAGL_FCV ,the new program is used automatically in the future T F.
Which currency valuation program is replaced by FAGL_FCV SAPF130K FAGL_FC_VALUATION SAPFI01 SAPF100.
Doubtful receivables are individual value adjustments during year end closing T F.
You are no longer able to perform automatic flat- rate individual value adjustments for overdue receivables with enhancement packages 6 T F.
Before creating financial statments, you have to group receivables and payables according to their remaining life so that they are correctly displayed in the financisl statments T F.
When regrouping payables, if general ledger accounting is active, we can use the old or new program T F.
Which two reports should you use to create correspondence to and from customers and vendors to enable you to verify the balance of receivable and payables SAPFI30K AND SAPFI30D SAPFI130L AND SAPF130E.
You cannot change the reconcilation account in the customer or vendor master record during a fiscal year T F.
Which program is used to enter accruals and deferrals regularly Compact journal devising program recurring entry program ledger grouping.
When you enter a manual accrual or deferral document, you have to enter a reversal reason,date and username f t.
In deferral documents,expense and revenues are posted in the current period but belong at least partially in a future period t f.
Indentify the steps performed during the general ledger closing operations for the fiscal year Foreign currency documents valued Accural carried out Balance carry forward program is run vendor invoices posted.
The balance of the profit and loss account is posted to the p& l carry forward account T F.
Period interval 3 can only be maintained for account type S T F.
The system uses the posting date that you specify during document entry to determine to which posting period the document is posted T F.
As part of general ledger month end closing a consistency check of debit and credit transaction with debit and credit totals of the posted document is performed T F.
To reduce the load on system, what should you do with the older document that exist in the database delete backup and delete archive and delete extract and delete.
After older documents are archived ,you can still use the balance audit trial to explain an account balance T F.
Parallel financial reporting means that you must create financial statment for a company in accordance with different accounting rules T F.
You can only use the leading leger to model different accounting rules T F.
The financial closing cockpit allow all stake holders associated with the financial close to access and initiate their tasks in the system T F.
Which of the following types of tasks are available in the financial closing cockpit online transactions task list template flow definition remote tasks.
Which of the following has to be created and assigned to an organisational structure before the cockpit function is used Flow definitions programs subfolders task list template.
Which of the following can you use for multiple programs with variants that are to be processed automatically Online transactions flow definitions remote tasks task list template.
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