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The dunning proposal can be edited, deleted, and re-created as often as required unitil the accounting clerk is satisfied with the result. True False.
In just one step, dunning notices are printed and dunning data is updated in the master records and associated documents. True False.
Customers without a dunning procedure in the master record are dunned using a default dunning procedure. False True.
It is possible to dun vendors as well as customers. True False.
List of the four steps that have to be taken by the dunning program to perform the automatic dunning procedure. 1 2 3 4.
Most of the settings for the dunning program are set in the "dunning procedure" which can be accessed directly through the user side of the application. True False.
The dunning procedure controls how the dunning is carried out. True False.
Every account that is to be included in the automatic dunning process needs to have a dunning procedure. True False.
One-time-accounts also have a dunning procedure that is valid for all-one time customers. True False.
Your can define any number of dunning procedures. True False.
The dunning procedure can process standard/or special G/L accounts. False True.
The dunning program settings are divided into the following categories: 1 2 3 4 5 6.
For each dunning level, you can specify that interest is to be calculated. True False.
The system proposes the line item grace period as .
For each dunning level, you can specify that interest is to be calculated. True False.
If you choose the Always Dun option, dunning notices are printed even if the dunning proposals have not changed since the last dunning run. True False.
A dunning proposal is considered changed if it fulfills at least one of the following criteria: At least one item has reached a different dunning level A new item was added to the dunning notice The dunning level of the account was changed None of the above.
You can print a dunnnig notice in a legal dunning procedure, even though no further account movements have occured. True False.
The dunning charges can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the dunned amount. True False.
If you have defined a percentage dunning charge, you can enter a fixed dunning charge at the same time. False True.
Dunning charges are defined for each currency and depend on the dunning level. True False.
You can set a minimum amount at each dunning level. True False.
If the minimum amount for overdue items is not reached in a dunning level,the items in this dunning level are assigned to the next lowest level and the system checks whether a dunning notice can then be created in this dunning level. True False.
The name of the form that will be used at each dunning level. True False.
The dunning program can generate payment advice notes, dunning notices and payment forms. True False.
In the company code dunning control screen you can specify whether dunning notices are to be created separately by dunning area rather than by account for a company code. True False.
A dunning area is an organizational entity that is a substructure of a company code that is responsible for dunning. True False.
In contrast to standard dunning where all items at all dunning levels are dunned with one dunning notice you can choose to use a separate dunning notice with a different accompanying text for each dunning level in account. True False.
If you want to sort your dunning notices and items according to specific criteria, you can maintain sort variants. True False.
A dunning key determines that the line item can only be dunned with restrictions or is to be disp;ayed separately on the dunning notice. True False.
A dunning block prevents accounts and items from being dunned. True False.
You can maintain the interest rate to be used to calculate for the interest due on debit balances. True False.
Every dunning program run is identified by the following two fields Run date: does not have to be the actual date when the program is executed but this is recommended.Its main purpose is to identify the program run Identified : is used to differentiate between programs that have the same run date.
The parameters provide the dunning program with information on the dunning run. You can copy the parameters from existing dunning runs. True False.
With the parameters,you tell the dunning program which documents and accounts in which company codes it should examine for overdue items. True False.
You can alse activate an additional log, which you can check after the dunning run to see whether the run was successful. True False.
The dunning run creates a dunning proposal that can be edited, deleted and re-created as often as necessary. True False.
Steps in the dunning run: The dunning run can be divided into the three steps 1 2 3.
Account selection: which accounts shall be considered in the dunning run? True False.
Dun line items: Which items are overdue and should be dunned on which dunning level? True False.
Dun accounts: Does the account have to be dunned and how? True False.
Account selection is the first step in the dunning run. True False.
The following criteria must be fulfilled in order to include the accounts in the dunning run.Otherwise they are ignored: A dunning procedure must be entered in the master data The date of the last dunning run entered in the account must be earlier than the dunning interval date of the dunning procedure.
Which of the following statements are true for Due dates for receivables and credit memos. Receivables are due at the due date for net payment. Usually the payment terms of a credit memos do not apply. If a credit memo is invoice related it has the same due date as the invoice All other credit memos are due at the base line date. If you want the payment terms in a credit memo to apply you have to enter V in the Invoice reference field.
Which of the following statements are true for Clearing with credit memos or Vendor items? The due debit items on the account are cleared with the due net credit items. The credit items are assigned to the debit items with the highest dunning level and are cleared with these items. If you have chosen clearing between customer and vendor, the due net credit items in the vendor account are alse cleared with the items with the highest dunning level In any case the total of overdue items for each dunning notice must be in debit otherwise no dunning notice is generated The dunning notice lists all the items that were cleared.
Which of the following statements are correct for dunning dates/ Every dunned item must be overdue but not all overdue items are dunned. Usually all items which are overdue at the date of issue have to be dunned. If line item grace periods have been defined in the dunning procedure only those items that are still overdue after the grace days have been deducted are dunned. If items are overdue but there is a dunning block in the item the system adds these items to the blocked items list.
The difference between the due date and the dunning date is the following. Due date: Day by which the liabilities should have been paid Dunning date: Day when the overdue items are dunned.
If payments have to be dunned for an account but the account contains a dunning block the system adds the account to the list of proposal accounts. True False.
Which of the following statements are true/ If a payment method for incoming payments has been specified for an item the item is usually not dunned because the payment program is responsible for collecting the money.These items are only dunned if they have a payment block. If payments for accounts are to be dunned a payment method for incoming payments is specified in the master data the system usually does not dun them because the payment program is responsible for collecting the money. These accounts are dunned only if they have a payment block.
Each dunning procedure contains up to nine dunning level. True False.
The dunning notice wording is usually influenced by the dunning level. The higher the dunning level the stronger the formulation in the dunning text. True False.
Each item to be dunned is assigned a dunning level according to its days in arrears. True False.
From one dunning run to another the dunning level can only be raised by one that is no dunning levels can be skipped. True False.
Dunning procedures with only one dunning level are referred to in the system as payment reminders. True False.
By assinging dunning keys to certain items, you can prevent these items from exceeding a certain dunning level. True False.
The total amount of all the items in an account with a certain dunning level must be greater than a defined minimum amount. True False.
The relationship between the total amount and the total open items must be greater than a minimum percentage. True False.
Usually the minimum amounts and percentages at higher dunning levels are greater than those at lower levels. True False.
The account can only be dunned if at least one item has reached the minimum days in arrears per account True False.
The account gets the highest dunning level of all the items to be dunned. True False.
If all items are dunned with one dunning notice,the dunning text is worded according to highest dunning level. True False.
To support's the clerk's work the following lists can be printed: Dunning statistics Dunning list Blocked accounts Blocked line items Dunning history.
If a dunnin proposal is not to be used for printing, it must be deleted.Otherwise it blocks the selected items for processing in other dunning runs. True False.
Only changes in the dunning proposal apply to the current dunning run. True False.
The dunning level can be raised or lowered as required in the master data and documents True False.
The print program for the dunning procedure: Groups items to be dunned with a dunning notice according to various rules Generates a dunning notice for each group Enters the dunning date and level in the dunned items and accounts.
If dunning notices are to be sent to one-time customers,the dunning date is updated only in the relevant items. True False.
Items that are to be dunned are grouped together in dunning notices as long as they have the same: Company code Dunning area(if dunning areas are used) Account.
Items in a one time account are grouped together in one dunning notice if they have the same address. True False.
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