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every transaction in the asset account has direct effect on corresponding account of gl account t f.
acquisition posting can be created in the department responsible for business txn t f.
asset acquisition from a business partner is external acquisition t f.
alternative acquistion of asset is settlement of cost object to an fixed asset t f.
external acquisition is the only way an asset can be capitalised. t f.
asset acquisition cannot take place in logistics department of the enterprises t f.
Asset txn can be integrated or non integrated with accounts payable t f.
asset can be purchased without a reference to a purchase order t f.
asset cannot be purchased without an invoice t f.
All asset purchase posting should be from FI - AA only f t.
when posting an asset document type must be entered t f.
gl account are automatically updated when we post an asset t f.
when we post an asset in AP,both requirement of FI AND AA are satisfied t f.
procedure for in- house asset capitalisation capitalise production cost to investment measure settle the asset to auc. transfer to final asset.
in asset explorer,depreciation area are displayed in an overview tree t f.
in asset explorer we can view current year values only t f.
asset explorer header consists of company code,asset number,subnumber,fiscal year t f.
in asset explorer, we can view only single depreciation area value only t f.
data of asset capitalisation is derived from posting date t f.
data of asset capitalisation is derived from asset value date t f.
date of initial acquisition is derived from posting date t f.
date of initial acquisition is derived from asset value date t f.
acquistion year and period derived from posting date t f.
system determines start date of depreciation using asset value date corrected by period control of depreciation key t f.
system stores depreciation start date in master data section of the asset master record t f.
posting date and asset value date not necessarily be in the same fiscal year t f.
posting date is the actual date asset is updated t f.
document type is in client level but document number range is in company code level t f.
gross and net document type refers to tax accounting of asset acquisition. t f.
transaction type determines whether to post gross or net type t f.
capitalsation of asset without cash discount is net document type t f.
capitalsation of asset with cash discount is net document type t f.
capitalsation of asset with cash discount is gross document type t f.
standard document type for gross type is AN AND KN t f.
standard document type for net type is AN AND KN t f.
standard document type for gross type is AA AND KR t f.
standard document type for net type is AA AND KR t f.
we can use both net and gross document type method of capitalisation of asset f t.
document type identify purchase,transfer,retirement of an asset t f.
transaction type indicate debit or credit indicator t f.
we can limit transaction type to specific depreciation area t f.
transaction type cannot be edited t f.
transaction type can be copied t f.
transaction type is assigned to transaction type group t f.
in non integrated asset acquisition posting is done through clearing account t f.
clearing account need not be on open item basis t f.
clearing account can be done manually only t f.
clearing can be done thorugh automatic payment program t f.
clearing can be done through clearing offsetting entry. f t.
scenario for non- inegrated asset acquisition asset arrived before invoice invoice arrived before asset asset arrived along with invoice invoice arrived along with asset.
Material Management - Asset acquisition general work flow 1 2 3 4.
we cannot create asset master record at the time of purchase order t f.
we can create asset and purchase order at the same time t f.
valuated goods receipt is when asset is activated as soon as asset is received. t f.
Non- valuated goods receipt is where asset is activated only after receipt of invoice t f.
adjustment posting is required for non-valuated goods receipt t f.
adjustment posting is not required for valuated goods receipt t f.
system uses goods receipt date as capitalisation date t f.
complete or partial retirement possible t f.
retirement with revenue with customer known as Integrated t f.
retirement with revenue without customer-non integrated t f.
retirement with or without revenue- scrap sales t f.
mass retirement with worklist possible t f.
Retirement of several assets by manual entry not possible t f.
mass retirement can be with or without revenue possible t f.
acquistion year and period derived from asset value date t f.
integration of accounting and logistics function is important for asset accounting t f.
Invoice posted in FI-AA , No reference to purchase order.What posting can be made Integrated posting Non-Integrated posting.
Invoice posted in FI-AP,No reference to purchase order,What posting is possible Non-integrated posting Integrated posting.
No invoice and No reference to Purchase order what posting is possible Intergrated posting Non- Integrated posting.
Automatic offsetting entry is possible in Integrated posting non-integrated posting.
Asset acquisition in following ways external acquisition in house capitalisation.
External acquistion in FI-AA in following ways Integration with accounts payable with reference to purchase order without reference to purchase order without integration with accounts payable with invoice without invoice.
modules in which external acquisition can be made FI-AA FI-AP SAP-MM SAP-PM SAP-CO.
in intergrated posting asset and vendor can be posted in two seperate document for clarity purpose t f.
__________type identifies the different transactions in asset history sheet.
when an asset or a vendor is posted __________gets updated automatically.
you can display planned and book values but cannot display transactions directly in print preview format of the asset explorer t f.
We can view depreciation values but cannot recalculate depreciation functions in asset explorer t f.
FUNCTIONS OF ASSET EXPLORER transparent depreciation calculation detailed display of depreciation key switch to FI document instantly display values over several years in several depreciation area convert currency amounts print and export functions simulation.
asset acquisition data is automatically set in ______at the time of first acquisition posting asset master record depreciation area asset explorer asset history sheet.
asset value date is the actual date asset is updated t f.
information set in asset master record at the time of first acquisition posting date of asset capitalization date of initial acquisition acquisition year and period.
system determines start date of depreciation using value date of acquisition posting date of asset capitalization acquisition year and period depreciation key.
__________method maintained in________is used to determine start date of period control method,depreciation key depreciation method,depreciation area period control method,depreciation area depreciation method,depreciation key.
System stores the depreciation start date in the __________of the asset master record.
when we post acquisition integrated with FI-AP the system automaticlly enters the vendor in ______field of the asset master record.
if it is not possible to define fi document as year dependent, we can enter a future year as 111 99 999 0000 9999.
choose Net document type gross document type.
Gross document types are __ AND __,Net document type ___and ___ AA,KR & AN,KN AN,KN & AA,KR AK,AR & AK,KR AK,KR & AK,AR.
choose Gross document type Net document type.
Non integrated posting denotes asset acquisition without posting directly in accounts payable module t f.
in case of automatic offsetting posting we can perform the following create new asset record when posting post several existing asset master records in one step.
when goods receive before invoice it is valuated good receipt non-valuated good receipt.
asset capitalisation happens when invoice we receive and it is valuated goods receipt non-valuated good receiptT.
parameters for integrated asset retirement asset number retirement transaction type asset value date partial or complete retirement indicator.
system determines following during complete retirement with revenue asset value date gain/loss balance sheet value value adjustment.
retirement can be with revenue with customer revenue without customer without revenue mass retirement several asset retirement.
retirement by work list and manual retirement of several assets can be partial or complete partial only complete retirement.
values of the accounts for revenue from asset sales and clearing asset retirement can be shown in _______to the financial statement.
system determines period of asset retirement based on asset value date asset posting date asset capitalisation date.
System calculates how long depreciation is posted to an asset using_______method of _________.
gain or loss results for sale of asset is arrived from the balance of amount of asset retirement amount of value adjustment sale price received.
Procedure for mass retirement using work list create a list of asset to be retired create a work list indicate whether with or without revenue enter revenue distribution process and edit and release worklist.
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