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where are the reports located information system of each area general report selection role based user menu system services- reporting.
In dynamic selection,we have various selection options T F.
account payable info system provides following reports vendor balance vendor items master data payment txn.
when we use selections and output control, we restrict the data displayed in the list T F.
we can view single values and range in a report T F.
we can summarise data using summarisation levels T F.
we can summarize data by company code or business area T F.
In reports view,we cannot show gl total for all company codes for each local currency T F.
g/l account balance list displays selected figures by reporting period T F.
one report contain one variant only T F.
we can define multiple variant for one report T F.
Report variant is based on selection creteria T F.
each report variant provides same information based on different creteria T F.
each variant has a variant name and description T F.
variant is permitted only for background processing T F.
we can change a report variant T F.
we cannot hide a entry field in a report variant T F.
type of selection variables are table variable dynamic data calculation attribute selection.
list viewer is a tool that created list from predefined data T F.
we can use list viewer to display simple and hierarchical sequence list T F.
LW contains interactive functions like sorting,simmation and filters T F.
we cannot change layout of list without selection data T F.
we can save the changed list layout in variants T F.
selection details detailed information of item display individual line item select an item changes in line item list correction in list.
Generic function of sap list viewer summations select columns filters sort selections.
we can create totals and subtotals for specific values T F.
we cannot created our own display variant T F.
we can perform following tasks for list viewer variants select fields available in the column set for list viewer Hide fields not required Sort fields in the column set add special fields to the column set.
ALV Classic list has no specific settings T F.
using paramater ID we can set default values in fields which are constants T F.
we can use specific selection creteria to choose line items that we want to evaluate. T F.
user cannot restrict the data displayed on the line item list screen. T F.
we can choose list output from layout and maximum number of items F T.
we cannot exclude an account from a selection of accounts T F.
we can activate or deactivate input fields for worlklist on selection screen T F.
we can select specific line items in specific company code T F.
input help of customer account contains general customer data customer country/ccode customer with rental agreement head office account customer by reference(sales group/plant).
input help of vendor account line item list contains general vendor data vendor ccode/country vendor number vendor by refernence(purchase/plant/materials etc).
input help for g/l account line item list contains gl account number in coa gl account name gl account deletion and block indicators keywords alternative account number.
if dates not specified for open item selection all items displayed. T F.
items open and were open at a specific time is displayed if current date is specified posting data is specified.
items cleared on specified date and items open on __________date posting key.
all items- both open and clearing items as on __________date posting key.
we can set up head office and branch office account to differenciate flow of goods and money t f.
if ho and branch is not indicated items are managed at ho fields automatically applied t f.
we cannot choose whether branch can display items managed at head office t f.
settings displayed as net due date open items cleared items noted items.
specific items displayed in a report.Which one is incorrect standard items open items noted items parked items special gl items customer vendor items.
setting on key date items not due items due item over due items parked items notes.
icon for item status and due date is displayed in the header of ALV classic list t f.
if key date is specified items posted after key date is not displayed t f.
system fills assignment filed according to the sort fields in master record t f.
sort fields are defined at company code level t f.
assignment key is maximum of 18 character t f.
assigment key is combination of doc.number+posting date+company code t f.
when we display a list we can choose between different layouts t f.
SAP provides standard layouts for a display of list t f.
Standard layout does not apply to all users t f.
standard layouts can be set as default layout t f.
we cannot select layout for line item display t f.
we can default input field fo each document type t f.
user specific layout has priority over general initial layout t f.
no default setting is made by the user for screen layout the system uses ALV intial layout t f.
we can default ALV initial layout in display variant management t f.
if not default found in display variant management the system used 1SAP layout. t f.
What are the necessary elements required to create a customer-specific drilldown report for New General Ledger Accounting Variables A report header Characteristics A form.
Which of the following are interactive functions available in the SAP List Viewer Master data modification Dual control Summation sorting Filters.
Most reports/program contains followings features of a report/progam functionality parameters output form character key figure.
If we use search help, we can receive complex selection options that is used for different report t f.
examples of dynamic selections for a report are industry account group country city.
We can create a current or historical customer list that is sorted by customer sales to do this we need to choose additional selections menu dynamic selection menu sort variant Structured list view.
while entering an output, we can use single or ranges by selecting and or excluding single value and ranges t f.
g/l account balance list contains the following carry forward balance at the start of fiscal year debit total for the reporting period credit total for the reporting period balances at the end of reporting period.
_______ enables us to execute report repeatedly with different selection criteria.
A report can have different _________,each of which provides different information based on _______defined for them.
if we select protect variant field, user who created the variant alone can modify it t f.
if we want a report using a variant and also want to display certain values up to a date, we use_____ variables.
we use this variable to store statistical information that can be used in different report table variable dynamic date calculation attribute selection report variant.
Company code belonging to a country is an example for following selection variable table variable dynamic date selection report variant selection variable.
Current date,first day of nex month,current month are example of ________ table varaiable selection variable dynamic date selection.
The prerequsite for using dynamic date selection is the program type __ D T E A.
sap list viewer is used to view single level list or multilevel sequential list T F.
we can change list without selecting data first and save the changed list layout in variants T F.
pick the correct one(s) we can choose document item view or document overview in list viewer we can sort a list in list viewer in ascending or descending order In list viewer we can select multiple columns we can create totals and subtotals for specific values using summation in list viewer.
There are two selection items for creating own display variants in list viewer dynamic list and individual list column selection and column set.
using ________ we can switch list from classic to grid control switch ID Parameter ID Grid ID Classic ID.
selection criteria to choose line items evaluation are accounts company code search help line item status and category.
we choose following for the list output layout maximum line items.
_________ date is the determining factor in classifying the status of line item as open or cleared in a report posting system key document run.
The line items in the line item display are frequently sorted by the value in the_______field.
if indicator is set for _______,it is always used for list output unless alternative display variant is specified Initial variant standard layout default layout.
You want to use the same set of values for a specific criterion in several reports. What is the easiest way to accomplish this Enter the values, save them as a variant, and use this variant in all the reports. Create a D variable containing the values and use it in all the reports Create a selection variable containing the values and use it in all the reports Create a set containing the values and use it in all the reports.
Which field of the line item will be filled automatically by the sort key field of a master record(G/L account, customer, or vendor) Number of the invoice to which the transaction belongs Amount in document currency Item text Assignment.
Which interactive function is provided by the SAP List Viewer Creation of worklists Use of the report-report interface Mass reversal Creation of subtotals for specific values.
Important ALV functions Its user-friendly characteristics support the dynamic creation of layouts. There is a new graphical design, which makes it even simpler to process and display lists and reports using the List Viewer grid control.
ALVs user-friendly characteristics support the dynamic creation of layouts t f.
Important List Viewer function Calculating totals or subtotals Setting filters Deleting and inserting columns Arranging the values in columns in ascending or descending order Using layouts to save an individual report structure.
The advantages of SAP List Viewer are Formatting columns by double-clicking or dragging with the mouse Enables summaries and subtotals. Sorting. Saving client and user-dependent settings.
drill down reporting usage system is capable of analysing data of any characterictics we can display number of objects for a give key figure or numbr of key gigures for a given object we can carry out any number of variance analyses it provides easy to use navigation functions it allows user to determine look of the reported to be printed.
we can use graphic interface of report painter for define report writer report define drill down forms define planning layouts.
key figure reports for g/l account evaluation takes into account only_________items in the _________version that we need for calculation specific key figures Financial statement variance analysis balance display line item analysis.
examples of Financial statment version key figures are equity ratio debt- equity ratio capitalisation ratio key figure ratio g/l account ratio.
a______ is a number of interactive ,controllable report list and graphics that are displayed on the screen report character key figures form.
a_______describes the basic content and formal structure of report lists report character key figures form.
some of the Print preparation function of drill down reports are page break header and footer underlining.
A ____is semi finished product and gets completed with _____and ____are defined in the _____ form,character,key figures,report report,form,character,key figures character,form,keyfigures,report key figures,form,character,report.
Consider the following statements (Report Painter) 1)____<1>____are numeric fields that you can evaluate in a report. 2)____<2>____are fields that display criteria that you used in the data selection. 3)____<3>____consist of a key figure and one or more characteristics. 4) All of the reports are kept in____<4> key figures, predefined columns, system libraries and characteristics. predefined columns, key figures, system libraries and characteristics predefined columns, characteristics, key figures, and system libraries key figures, characteristics, predefined columns and system libraries characteristics, key figures, predefined columns and system libraries.
in_______report,objects found in columns detail drill down.
in_______report,key figures found in columns drill down detail.
in_______report,key figures are found in rows detail drill down.
in_______report,objects are found in rows detail drill down.
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