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Which benefits are offered by the SAP Fiori Client alone over a Web browser? Choose the correct answers. Full screen Offline data Delta caching Push notifications Attachment viewer.
What can be used as middleware to improve SAP Fiori for mobile? Choose the correct answer. SAP Unwired Platform (SUP) SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.
Which native capabilities of a mobile device can only be leveraged when using SAP Fiori for iOS? Choose the correct answers. Touch ID Camera Facetime iBeacon Geolocation.
Which shell configurations are available to adapt the header of the app? Choose the correct answers. encapsulated embedded standalone headerless footless.
Which dimensions define SAP Fiori? Choose the correct answers. Concept Design Performance Technology.
What are the main principles of SAP Fiori ? Choose the correct answers. Role-based Adaptive Simple Coherent Delightful.
Which clients can be used for SAP Fiori? Choose the correct answers. Web Browser SAP Logon SAP Fiori Client SAP Easy Access SAP Business Client.
Which platforms support the integration of SAP Fiori? Choose the correct answers. SAP Enterprise Portal SAP Process Integration SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud SAP Cloud Platform Portal SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.
Which personalization elements can be assigned to user roles? Choose the correct answers. Fiori Group Fiori Group Tile Fiori Catalog Fiori Catalog Tile.
Which personalization element refers to the application? Choose the correct answer. Fiori Group Fiori Group Tile Fiori Catalog Fiori Catalog Tile.
What are the app types of SAP Fiori? Choose the correct answers. Transactional Analytical Smart Principal Fact Sheet.
Which layers of settings are available for SAP Fiori? Choose the correct answers. Configuration Personalization Customizing Internationalization.
For intent-based navigation, what does an intent consist of? Choose the correct answers. Target mapping Semantic object Action ICF path.
What can be used as target in a target mapping? Choose the correct answers. Web Dynpro application Generic URL ABAP Transaction SAPUI5 application.
Which ABAP transactions can be used to analyze the intents used in target mappings? Choose the correct answers. /UI2/FSAC /UI2/FLIA /UI2/FLC /UI2/FLP.
What does a KPI consist of? Choose the correct answers. Evaluation Authentication Drill-down Tile Indicator.
Which system environments offer the UI theme designer? Choose the correct answers. SAP Enterprise Portal SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP SAP Cloud Platform SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java SAP Business Intelligence.
Which UI clients does SAP Screen Personas support? Choose the correct answers. SAP Business Client SAP Fiori Client SAP GUI for Windows SAP GUI for HTML SAP GUI for Java.
How can you enable adaptation at runtime for SAP Fiori apps? Choose the correct answers. Target mapping to runtime authoring plugin Fiori catalog SAP_CA_BC_SSB User role SAP_UI_FLEX_KEY_USER Fiori catalog /UIF/SAP_RTA_PLUGIN User role SAP_S_RFCACL.
Which terms are correct when talking about extensibility for SAP applications in a frontend server? Choose the correct answers. SAP Gateway Redefinition CDS View Extension SAPUI5 Extension ABAP Enhancement SAP Fiori Elements Adaptation.
What are the main artefacts of an SAPUI5 application? Choose the correct answers. CSS Views Controllers Models controls.
What are the tasks of the controller in the Model-View-Controller implementation? Choose the correct answers. A Updates using data binding Modifies the model Modifies the view via API Holds the business data Contains the UI implementation.
Which of the following statements are talking about the SAP Fiori app architecture? Choose the correct answers. SAP Fiori apps are implemented using the component-based approach. SAP Fiori apps have a index.html file that is used for SAP Fiori launchpad integration. SAP Fiori apps need to have an app descriptor that describes the applications metadata. SAP Fiori apps should use the SAPUI5 core as a place to hold app data models.
SAPUI5 provides two different router implementations. What router class is used in SAP Fiori apps as a router or as a router base class, when you want to implement your own router? Choose the correct answer. sap.m.routing.Router sap.ui.core.routing.Router sap.m.Router sap.routing.Router.
What are the main configuration objects of the routing configuration? Choose the correct answers. config routing routes targets.
What is the main benefit to using predefined CSS margin/padding classes of SAPUI5? Choose the correct answer. Consistent spacing Consistent borders Consistent width Consistent height.
Which of the following artefacts are contained in the OData URL structure? Choose the correct answers. Service Root URI Header data Resource Path Query Options.
What is the purpose of the neo-app.json file located in the project root folder of your SAP Web IDE project? Choose the correct answer. A It contains the OData service configuration parameters used at runtime. It contains the mapping between an application URL and a destination configured in the SAP Cloud Platform. It contains the configuration for the mock server. It contains the mapping configuration of the front-end and back-end server URLs.
What aggregations are defined by the sap.suite.ui.commons.ChartContainer? Choose the correct answers. content container dimensionSelector customicons legend.
What main aspects does the developer have to configure for a sap.viz.ui5.controls.VizFrame control? Choose the correct answers. Dataset Datacontainer DimensionDefinition MeasureDefinition Feed.
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