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What do you know about Scotland?

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What do you know about Scotland?

Test your knowledge after surfing on the word clouds.

Mrs B
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What ingredient do you NOT find in haggis? Sheep's stomach Sheep's tongue Sheep's eyes Sheep's liver.
Which region is known as "Scotland's castle country" Aberdeenshire Stirlingshire Sutherland Nottinghamshire.
Where does the word "Whisky" come from ? The verb "to whisk" (fouetter) The noun "Whist" (a card game) A Gaelic word meaning "Gold" A Gaelic word meaning "Water of life".
What CAN'T you see in Edinburgh? A castle A zoo Hollywood Boulevard Holyrood Palace.
The Green Lady of Stirling Castle is said to be the ghost of Queen Mary the ghost of William Wallace's wife the ghost of Lady Janet Douglas The ghost of Mary Queen of Scots' servant.
The eighteenth century essayist, Samuel Johnson wrote a book entitled A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland A description of the Western Isles of Scotland A Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
What are the opening times of the National Museum of Scotland? nine to five ten to seven ten to five nine to seven.
Which is the Scottish flag? a b c d.
The kilt is a type of hat worn by aristocratic Scottish women a type of weapon a type of skirt traditionally worn by the Highlanders a Scottish speciality dish.
Which of these Scottish mountains is the highest in the U.K.? Ben Nevis An Teallach Stac Pollaidh Faur Tholl.
Edinburgh's festival season is between January 1st and June 30th April 1st and December 31st March 1st and November 30th December 1st and May 3àth.
Walter Scot was NOT a novelist a poet a literary critic an artist.
The Loch Ness Monster is affectionately know as Locky Nessie Mona N n' M's.
Bagpipes became associated with Scotland around 1300 BC the seventeenth century 1380 1000 AD.
Who attempted to occupy Edinburgh castle in 1745? Mary Queen of Scots Queen Margaret James VI Bonnie Prince Charlie.
One of the main ingredients of whisky is Barley Grapes Apples Wheat.
How many holes are there on a full-sized modern golf course? 6 9 18 22.
How long has beer been produced in Scotland? Since 5000 BC For approximately 5000 years For approximately 500 years Since 500 AD.
In the world of outdoor activity NCN means National cycle network National campaign for Nessie Northern Celtic Nation Night Clubs in Nairn.
The Viking Invasions took place in the ninth century twelfth century fiteenth century nineteenth century.
William Wallace was a romantic poet a composer of traditional Scottish music a leader in the Wars for Scottish Independence an actor.
The Royal Mile is The nickname of a monarch The Edinburgh marathon A street in Edinburgh A date of a coronation.
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