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The recover of your productive SAP HANA database fails during log replay. What is the fastest solution to complete the recovery? Resume the interrupted recovery Repeat the recovery from the beginning Restart the database and resume the interrupted recovery Replay the delta backups and log backups.
Which tools can you use to monitor the response time of individual SQL queries? 2 correct answers Statement monitor SQL plan cache Thread monitor SQL trace.
What do you do to prepare the database migration option of a SUM procedure? 3 correct answers Extract the SAP HANA database installation archive Move the stack.xml update file into the download folder Extract the SAP HANA client installation archive Move the SPAM update archive into the download folder Move the R3trans update archive into the download folder.
How do you ensure that Web-based applications send HTTPS requests to specific databases in SAP HANA multiple-container system? 2 correct answers Check the hostnames mapping to internal HTTPS ports Check that all requests with physical hostname are forwarded to tenant databases Configure an alias hostname for every tenant database Configure an SAP web Dispatcher for every tenant database.
Due to a hardware failure of your persistence area, your SAP HANA database needs to be restored. Which tasks do you preform to recover the complete system? 2 correct answers Recover the system database before recovering all tenant databases Recover all the databases using the initialize Log Area option Start the recovery from the tenant databases using SAP Hana cockpit 2.0 Start the recovery from the system database using SAP HANA cockpit 2.0.
Which action do you preform when the data area in SAP HANA database is running out of space Create a new database Extend the size of the database volume Create a new tenant database Extend the file system size on the operating system level.
. Which tool do you use to backup up the root encryption keys? hdbnsutil rsecssfx dbacockpit hdbuserstore.
. Which target databases does SUM database migration option provide by default? 2 correct answers SAP ASE SAP IQ SAP MaxDB SAP HANA.
After you start the SAP HANA database, what does the system do to ensure that it is in a consistent mode? It rolls back changes of committed transactions that were NOT written to the data area It rolled back write transactions that were open when the database was stopped It reloads a save point with the restored consistent state of the database It determines and rolls forward aborted transactions.
You preform an SAP HANA migration to a scale-out landscape When do you set up the table distribution rules? After the migration Before the migration After table creation Before table creation.
Which upgrade methods can you use to minimize the business downtime during the upgrade of an SAP HANA database? 2 correct answers Database Migration option of SUM Phased update Near-Zero Downtime Export / Import using SAP Software Provisioning Manager.
One of your systems shows the internal Disk Full (Alert 30) alert. What is the root cause of this alert? Exceeding system quota on the /usr/sap volume Running out of free space on the /hana/shared volume Reading from /hana/log/<sid> volume is NOT possible Writing to the /hana/data/<sid>/ volume is NOT possible.
Which of the following system privileges can you assign to an SAP HANA database user? 3 correct answers CREATE ANY EXECUTE DEVELOPMENT CREATE SCHEMA EXPORT.
Your SAP HANA database is locked down Which action can you still perform from the SAP HANA cockpit 2.0? Configure system properties Check overall database status Check session memory Check database license.
What happens when you rename a tenant in an SAP HANA database? 2 correct answers The backups are renamed The directories are renamed The logs are renamed The database is renamed.
You plan to set up an SAP HANA 2.0 system on intel-based hardware platforms Which of the following operating systems can you use? 2 correct answers Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA (RHEL for SAP HANA) 6.5 Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA (RHEL for SAP HANA) 7.2 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications 11 SP1 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications 12 SP1.
What must you do to convert an SAP HANA 1.0 single database system to an SAP HANA 2.0 multitenant database system? Execute the SUM database migration option with system move Create the system database manually Upgrade the SAP HANA database system Export/Import application and costumer data.
You upgrade an SAP HANA 1.0 system to SAP HANA 2.0 Which of the following activities are required to avoid compatibility issues after the upgrade? 2 correct answers Create new backup schedules after the upgrade Export the backup jobs history from SAP HANA 1.0 and import the history after the upgrade Delete all backup schedules with the SAP HANA cockpit 1.0 Convert all SAP HANA 1.0 backups schedules to SAP HANA 2.0 backups schedules.
Which information is stored in the SYSTEMDB of an SAP HANA multitenant database container system? 2 correct answers Topology data on the location of tables Monitoring data on the SYSTEMDB and all the tenant databases Users and authorizations of the SYSTEMDB and all tenant databases Landscape topology data on the system as a whole.
Which SAP HANA features ensure that committed data is NOT lost if there is a power failure? 2 correct answers Delta Merge Persisted redo logs Automatic savepoints Memory allocation limit.
The SAP HANA database is NOT reachable, and the root cause is unclear. Which SAP HANA cockpit functions allow you to investigate this situation? 2 correct answers Manage full system information dumps Troubleshoot unresponsive system Overall database status Open blocked transactions.
Which kind of patches are available in the SAP HANA 2.0 revision strategy? 2 correct answers Datacenter Service Point Support Package Feature Package Stack Support Package Stack.
You need to rename a tenant database using the Manage Databases app in the SAP HANA cockpit Which prerequisites do you require? 2 correct answers The tenant database is stopped You have the DATABASE ADMIN system privilege The tenant database must be on one host The system database must be on the master node.
Which tools shows the differences of tables and indexes between your ABAP dictionary and your SAP HANA database? hdbsql hdblcm DBAcockpit SAP HANA cockpit.
How can you ensure that critical database system properties CANNOT be changed by tenant database administration Edit the configuration change blacklist Set up cross-database access control Assign internal communication ports Set database isolation levels to high.
Which information can you analyze using the Troubleshoot Unresponsive System application? System availability CPU utilization Alerts count Thread status.
The network security policies of your project restrict direct SQL connection to the SAP HANA databases Which tools can you use to monitor the SAP HANA database? 2 correct answers SAP HANA Data Management Suite SAP HANA cockpit SAP Solution Manager SAP Landscapes Management .
You need to integrate an existing SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 database system into the SAP HANA cockpit monitor infrastructure. Where do you create the technical user needed for the resource registration? In the SYSTEMDB In the SYSTEMDB and all tenants In the first tenant In the SYSTEMDB and the first tenant.
Which information is recorded in the database trace of the SAP HANA database? Executed SQL statements on database level Performance indicators on a query level Query execution plans on an application level. Database activities with trace level ERROR.
Which tools can you use to start and stop an SAP HANA database? 3 correct answers Sapcontrol DBA cockpit SAP HANA Cockpit HDB Command SAP HANA application life cycle management (HDBLCM).
Which actions are always recorded when Auditing is active? 2 correct answers Modification of an audit policy Create or drop user Grant or revoke roles Disable auditing.
Which SUM database migration option utility do you use to check and monitor table splitting? R3ta Table comparison R3load utilization Log tail viewer.
What is a prerequisite before you can install SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 as a central monitoring tool for productive SAP HANA databases? A dedicated server with at least 16 GB RAM with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) SAP NetWeaver 7.5x on SAP HANA 2.0 with ABAP Core Delta Services (CDS) and SAP Fiori Installed A central SAP HANA database 2.0 with SAP HANA extended application Services, advanced model (XS Advanced) installed A central SAP HANA 2.0 SPS02 multitenant database system with at least 16 GB of RAM.
How can you minimize the database migration option (DMO) downtime? Provide the measured table migration duration for table sequencing during benchmarking Use the benchmarking tool for a productive database migration with DMO procedure Run the benchmarking tool parallel to the DMO to automatically adjust the number of R3load processes Adjust the number of R3load processes during benchmarking and DMO procedure.
Which authentication method can you configure for a single sign-on in a middleware / application server scenario? SAML X.509 certificate Kerberos JSON web token.
You need to recover a tenant database backup from SAP HANA system 1 into SAP HANA System 2. Which activities do you perform to restore the tenant? 2 correct answers Create the tenant in the target database Start the recovered tenant database Copy the transaction logs to the target database Recover the tenant with the initialize Log Area option.
You investigate a hung SAP HANA database, and you CANNOT identify the blocking transactions What causes could lead to this behavior? 2 correct answers An issue with the delta merge A setting to restrict CPU usage A wrong role of a service in a failover situation A long savepoint duration.
You administer a single-host system with 100GB physical memory, the global allocation limit and the individual service allocation limit are set to 90%. Three services are running. Service 1 has 25 GB of memory allocated and service 2 has 40 GB allocated. What is the effective allocation limit of service 3 25 GB 35 GB 90 GB 100 GB.
Which backup scenarios are allowed in multitenant database containers? 2 correct answers The system database should be recovered first in order to recover the tenant databases The system database can initiate its own backup and the backup of tenant databases A backup of tenant database can be recovered to an SAP HANA single-container-system A tenant database can initiate its own backup unless this is prohibited by the system configuration.
Which operation are performed by SAP Landscape Management? 2 correct answers It replicates the storage in an SAP Landscape It simplifies the management of SAP hybrid landscapes and standardizes SAP operations It automizes repetitive, time-intensive administration tasks It de-centralizes landscape operations and provides local landscape view.
Which removal statuses allow you to remove a host from an SAP HANA scale-out landscape? 2 correct answers Reorg finished Reorg active Reorg not required Reorg pending.
In which replication mode is the primary system blocked until the secondary system is available? Sync Syncmem Full sync Async.
Which script can you trigger from SAP HANA cockpit to collect diagnosis information? Hanachecker.py HanaHwCheck.py Hanadumpviewer.py fullSystemInfoDump.py.
Which encryption services can you activate in SAP HANA? 3 correct answers Storage snapshot Backup Log Data Pages in-memory.
What do you require to perform a migration using the SUM database migration option? 2 correct answers Stack.xml file Migration check service Migration key OS/DB certified consultant.
Which R3load mode is user during and inplace SUM migration option procedure? Pipe File Network Socket.
What must you do to configure the data backup on a scale-out SAP HANA system? 2 correct answers Verify that data and log backup destinations are valid throughout the system Ensure the availability of shared backups storage for all nodes Change the backup configuration for each node Specify the individual backup destination on each node.
You install a productive multi-host system with failover capabilities Which storage condition prerequisites must be ensured? 2 correct answers The failed worker host has access to write to files The standby host has NO file access The standby host has file access The failed worker host no longer has access to write to files.
Which application do you use to reset the memory statistics before you analyze a tenant database using SAP HANA cockpit? Performance Monitor Resource Directory Manage Services Manage Databases.
Which partitioning option distributes rows equally for load balancing in the SAP HANA database? Hash Range-Range Range RoundRobin.
You define the parameters for the password policy of an SAP HANA tenant database Where are these parameters stored? Multidb.ini Indexserver.ini Global.ini Nameserver.ini.
A technical user is required when you register an SAP HANA system as a resource in SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 Which system privilege do you assign to the technical user account on the target system? MONITOR ADMIN CATALOG READ DATA ADMIN USER ADMIN.
You installed an SAP Netweaver-based application on an SAP HANA database. What is the default secure user store to store the password of the SAP <schema-id> user? Xuser ABAP secure store file system (SSFS) Secure store in file system (SSFS) hdbuserstore.
How can you shorten the delta merge runtime of a table? 2 correct answers Perform memory-only delta merges Merge per column Fully load the delta store into memory Partition the table.
You need to analyze the high CPU load of running threads in more detail in the Thread Monitor. Which parameters do you need to change? 2 correct answers Cpu_time_measurmente_mode Threshold_cpu_time Load_monitor_granularity Enalble_tracking.
Which activities must you perform before you can replay a workload using the Capture and Replay application? 2 correct answers Create a secure store key on the control system host Create the replayer user in the control system Start the replayer on the source system Restore the source tenant backup into the target tenant .
You need to periodically monitor if the SAP HANA primary system is online Which tool do you use? systemreplicationStatus HDBAdmin lanscapeHostConfiguration hanasitter.
Which SAP recommendations do you follow to create an optimal table partitioning plan for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA? 2 correct answers Have a high number of partitioned tables Have partitions of a table on the same host Have a low number of key columns Have a high number of partitions per table.
How do you trigger a savepoint in an SAP HANA database? Stat a log backup Perform a soft shutdown Execute a delta merge Commint a transaction .
You migrate an SAP HANA system using the SUM database migration option Which activities do you perform to activate the viewr mode for SAP support? 2 correct answers Create the database user <sid>obs on the application server Create the OS user <sid>obs on the application server Provide the sum observer URL to SAP support Provide the sum URL to SAP support.
Which prerequisites of the primary system and the secondary system are mandatory before you can activate the SAP HANA system replication with the read-enabled mode? 2 correct answers An explicit read-only connection between both systems must be available Both must have the same SAP HANA version The same number of active hosts and standby hosts must be installed The CPU architecture must be identical.
You register a new resource in SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 What prerequisite does the resource require? A multitenant configuration with SYSTEMDB A user with DATA ADMIN privilege and SELECT on _SYS_TELEMETRY schema A user with CATALOG READ privilege and SELECET on _SYS_STATISTICS schema The target database on SAP HANA 2.0 SPS00 or hogher.
You set up email notification for a specific alert threshold by using Alerts Configuration When are the email notifications sent? 2 correct answers When the alert checker identifies an issue When the alert checker is turned off When the alert checker identifies a recurring issue When the alert checker identifies a resolved issue.
Which certificates do you require for a trusted secure communication between the client and the SAP HANA database? 2 correct answers X.509 certificate Server certificate Root certificate User certificate.
Which system privileges do you require to view roles that are granted to other users? 2 correct answers ROLE ADMIN USER ADMIN CATALOG READ DATA ADMIN.
Why does SAP HANA have a persistence storage layer that is disk-based? 2 correct answers To persist in-memory data To ensure maximum performance To enable database scale-up To allow a restart if the power fails.
You switched the SAP HANA database to normal log mode When does the system perform a regular log backup? 2 correct answers When a savepoint occurs After the configured time threshold has been executed When the log segment is full When the log buffer is full.
Which operation is executed before a table is repartitioned? Reorganization Snapshot Delta merge Savepoint.
Which diagnostic file can you use to monitor the status of database recovery? Sapstartsrv.log Backing.log Available.log Backup.log.
Which SQL privilege can you grant to another user? CREATE SCHEMA DATA ADMIN CATALOG READ ATTACH DEBUGGER.
What can a user do when the backup operator system privilege is assigned? Delete backups Perform data recovery Configure backup settings Schedule backups.
Which trace do you use to create a graphical representation of and individual SQL statement? Expensive statements trace Plan trace SQL trace Performance trace.
You are installing several SAP HANA systems with a standard setup. How can you automate this activity? Export and import the standard configurations from SAP HANA cockpit Copy the complete install folders to all the system Copy the ini files to all the systems Generate a configuration template using hdblcm.
Which of the following tasks can you perform using the resident SAP HANA database lifecycle manager (HDBLCM)? 3 correct answers Uninstall the individual components Rename the SAP HANA database system Rename the SAP HANA database hostname Transport application changes Remove host roles.
Which tools can you user to start and stop tenants in an SAP HANA database? 2 correct answers SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 – Manage Databases hdbsql sapcontrol SAP HANA studio – System view.
Why are repository roles preferred over catalog roles? 2 correct answers They are transportable runtime objects They are transportable design-time objects They are created by the technical user They are revoked if the database user that granted them is deleted.
What is a characteristic of the synchronous in-memory system replication mode in SAP HANA? The primary system does NOT wait for the confirmation of the secondary system The primary system suspends transactions processing until connection to the secondary system is re-established The primary system waits until the secondary system confirms the log was persisted The primary system waits until the secondary system confirms receiving the log.
You need to update the location where a copy of the persistent data is saved. Which of the following parameters do you change? 2 correct answers basepath_export basepath_logmirror basepath_logbackup basepath_databackup.
Which programming languages are supported when you develop an application on SAP HANA extended application services? 2 correct answers C++ Node.js ABAP Lisp.js.
What are some advantages of a system replication with operation mode log replay compared to delta_datashipping? 2 correct answers Network traffic is reduced Memory consumption is lower CPU load is reduced Takeover time is shorter.
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